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My Best Photos

These are some of my favorite photos that I feel have some artistic or technical appeal. These aren’t necessarily my favorite in general, because many of my absolute favs are simple snapshots with family or friends. Rampart (2002) Composition This photo was taken in Puerto Rico on Spring Break.   Normally I struggle with ocean photography or any type of landscape. Architectural elements often elude me as well. This one is different from my normal efforts.  It combines natural landscape and

Simplicity and Photography. It’s not about the gadgets.

Two links to Ken Rockwell’s site, both of these articles resonant with me. Regarding the first article, as a somewhat gadget obsessed dude that also like photography I can empathize. I know that some of my best photographs were with relatively ancient cameras; and some of my worst photos have been with the “latest and greatest”. The second article is similar to the first one,  except going into a bit more of what really makes for good photography. Article #1