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Better two-finger scrolling for Windows! (like 2011 MacBooks and MacBook Air)

On Windows, missing the MacBook’s nice two finger scrolling… After returning a MacBook Air 11.6″ to Apple, I was surprised that I only really missed the very nice two finger scrolling. Some of the other Apple multitouch gestures were nice, but it was the really the smooth two finger scrolling on that nice trackpad that was so VERY handy and I missed the convenience! My Dell laptops have multitouch capable touchpads that support two finger scrolling. Unfortunately by default they

Overclocking a Dell M4400 [success] [HOWTO]

Last night I stably overclocked my Dell M4400 from 2.8GHz to 2.9Ghz using ThrottleStop and the dual IDA (Intel Dynamic Acceleration) mode. The laptop is still running coolly and the WEI score for the CPU even went up from 6.4 to 6.5 🙂 My understanding is that IDA is basically TurboBoost in an earlier form. So it is pretty darn cool to be using a precursor of TurboBoost on a laptop this old! PS I plan on posting step by

Bought & Sold: Acer D250 Netbook, 750GB HDD, 2GB RAM, USB DVD, Broadcom HD decoder

Second entry in the Bought & Sold series Here is where I list items that I purchased and then sold at a later date. Simple enough huh? Here we go… [begin] Acer D250 Netbook, w/BONUS features: 750GB hard drive & 2GB RAM, USB DVD drive + Broadcom HD decoder for 1080p movie playback! This auction is for an Acer D250-1165 Blue Netbook Computer. Reason for selling: I bought this netbook on vacation and used it for watching HD movies and surfing

Power Supply RMA help report: PC P&C, Thermaltake, Corsair

Today was RMA day for me. Three failed power supplies. Three RMAs requested. UPDATES posted below… Here’s the low down on each one: Three Power Supplies, Three RMA Procedures Power supply #1 PC Power & Cooling 1kw Brand: PC Power & Cooling (now owned by OCZ, who knew?!) Model: Turbo-Cool 1 Kilowatt Watts: 1,000 Death by: failure on the 12v power connector RMA procedure and responsiveness: easy to fill out form, immediate notification of request received, RMA granted 1 hour

Patriot Box Office shows preview but won’t play movie! [solved]

Q. Hiya, I got a patriot box office and it shows the preview of my MKV movie. But then when I hit play button on the remote the PBO just locks up and shows a blank black screen. Can you help??? -MovieFan A. Good news, you may just need a firmware update!  Please go to this page and download the latest firmware for your PBO: PBO Firmware Releases 04/04/2011: PBO Firmware Releases -Firmware System Revision update Procedure- *To check which

Disc Golf App Reviews

Do you need a good app on your Android or iPhone to keep track of your rockin’ disk golf scores? Thankfully, there are some great disc-golf apps out there! Here are reviews and links that will hopefully help you find what you are looking for 🙂 5 Disc Golf App Reviews | Top Disc Golf Apps you’ve got an iPhone, then check out these Disc Golf Apps.  Some are good, some are bad, all are Frisbee related… [from the best