Power Supply RMA help report: PC P&C, Thermaltake, Corsair

Today was RMA day for me. Three failed power supplies. Three RMAs requested.

UPDATES posted below…

Here’s the low down on each one:

Three Power Supplies, Three RMA Procedures

Power supply #1 PC Power & Cooling 1kw

Brand: PC Power & Cooling (now owned by OCZ, who knew?!)
Model: Turbo-Cool 1 Kilowatt
Watts: 1,000

Death by: failure on the 12v power connector
RMA procedure and responsiveness: easy to fill out form, immediate notification of request received, RMA granted 1 hour and 43 minutes later.
RMA rating so far: GOOD!

Power supply #2: Thermaltake 430 watt

Brand: Thermaltake
Model: W0070RU,430W ATX+Dual Fan PSU
Death by: slow death, still turns on but quickly squeals/whines and powers off
RMA procedure: agree to and fill out their “eform“, RMA request was received and granted within about 10 minutes!
RMA rating so far: EXCELLENT!

UPDATE: 2011.09.20 Verification from the Thermaltake warehouse that they received my defective unit (so seven days from when I shipped it via USPS parcel post).

UPDATE: 2011.09.26 Received an email from Thermaltake at 3:13PM asking for proof of purchase (an email of the original NewEgg invoice). I responded  at 6:38PM and they confirmed at 7:26PM.  My replacement power supply is supposed to be shipped out within 5 days. Will post updates here…

Power supply #3: Corsair 850 watt

Brand: Corsair
Model: CMPSU-850TX
Watts: 850
Death by: failure on the 12v power connector
RMA procedure: go through troubleshooting steps (they even recommend the ol’ paperclip test, I was happily surprised)… and eventually get your RMA submitted. Email notification of request received. No further updates from them so far.

2011.09.13 UPDATE #1: RMA approved approximately 30 hours after submission.

RMA rating so far: FAIR

RMA status updates:

So far I am pleasantly surprised. The Thermaltake and PC Power & Cooling models are all boxed up and ready to ship back tomorrow. The Corsair RMA arrived later the next day. I will be shipping it out too as soon as I can. I will keep you posted on how everything proceeds… 🙂

2011.09.26 Things are still looking good!

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