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Nice low-end 2.1 speakers [roundup] [Christmas]

Do you have a guy or gal that has been particular nice this year. If so, speakers are always a nice present if they don’t already have a nice set. 🙂 Or maybe you’ve been good and need to treat your ears better? My top speaker picks for $99-$149 this Xmas These 2.1 speaker sets can be found for around $99 on special (check NewEgg shellshockers/weekend deals & Amazon). If you don’t catch them on a deal then they can

Duke Nukem Forever game benchmarks (FPS)

There are only two computer games that I play these days: StarCraft 2 and Duke Nukem Forever. Both of which are sequels to venerable classics. StarCraft 2 is widely considered a worthy successor to SC1. Duke Nukem Forever is generally not considered to be worthy compared to it’s older counterpart Duke Nukem 3D. However, they are both surprisingly fun to play in multiplayer for exactly the opposite reasons: StarCraft 2 – one of the ultimate games when it comes to skill, it

Difference between Push2TV PTV1000 vs PTV2000 HD?! WiDi 1 & 2?! [answered]

Q. Got new laptop with WiDi in it… now looking for adapter to hookup to my bigscreen LCD TV. I see lots of PVT1000 on eBay for pretty cheap but the PTV2000 is like twice as much?! What is the difference plz… –Rich A. Good question. The PTV1000 was one of the first WiDi receivers ever produced and it was launched with Intel’s WiDi 1.0 and 2010 CPUs. WiDi 1.0 supports only 720p and thus the PTV1000 only supports 720p

Multi-download login from rapidshare, filesonic, megaupload etc. review

You have probably encountered the slow speeds and cumbersome login steps required if you ever use sites like rapidshare, filesonic, megaupload etc. to upload or download files. To bypass all those hurdles one option is buy premium memberships at each of those sites. However, this can be very expensive if you buy a membership at every site! A relatively new phenomenon in this area is the multi-site “one stop” premium subscription service. There is not a definitive name yet for this category

Innova Aviar Disc Golf Putter Review

2011.Aug.29th After learning to play at my friend Kevin’s course using his discs, it was time to begin purchasing my own discs. One of the first purchases: a putter. My putter of choice: Innova Aviar Disc Golf Putter This post will be updated once I have had sufficient time to evaluate the disc. Updated with impressions and brief review: 2012.Mar.01 Description and mini-review: a very predictable and rugged disc that has held up after hundreds of putts. Even the lower grade plastics (like I

Disc Golf App Reviews

Do you need a good app on your Android or iPhone to keep track of your rockin’ disk golf scores? Thankfully, there are some great disc-golf apps out there! Here are reviews and links that will hopefully help you find what you are looking for 🙂 5 Disc Golf App Reviews | Top Disc Golf Apps you’ve got an iPhone, then check out these Disc Golf Apps.  Some are good, some are bad, all are Frisbee related… [from the best

How to backup StarCraft 2!

Reinstalling Windows or building a new PC and don’t want to lose all your installed games and their updates/saves/replays etc.? Here are some tips to help! How to Backup StarCraft 2 SC2 is okay with just a copy/paste from your old Windows install into a new Windows install, however, the following slightly longer process should help make sure that you get all your saves/replays/settings as well as already downloaded updates and maps, all copied over so you’ll be good to

Best StarCraft 2 Gaming Keyboards

UPDATE: 2011.09.17 Corsair enters the gaming keyboard and mouse arena:   AnandTech – Corsair Enters the Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Market with Vengeance MMO/RTS targeted products are called the Vengeance K90 and M90. The K-series are for keyboards while the M-series refer to mice. The K90 is backlit with over 90 individual… […] . It uses Cherry MX mechanical red switches for each key which have a 2mm actuation travel (4mm total travel). UPDATE 2011.06.24: evaluating two new keyboards that arrived.