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How to sideload Android apps onto the Kindle Fire & Nook Tablet

Thank goodness both of the hottest new 7″ tablets support side loading Android apps onto the devices! There are a LOT of tutorials out there, some of them pretty complicated, so here are the TWO best sideloading tutorials I have found… Sideloading for the B&N Nook Tablet:   How to sideload apps on the NOOK Tablet (Amazon Appstore, GO Launcher EX) – Liliputing it’s pretty easy to install third party apps on the NOOK Tablet. You don’t even need to

What does KDR stand for when gaming? Answer: Kill to Death Ratio

In a video game, your KDR, or kill/death ratio, is simply how many kills you get (when you kill/defeat another player) and how many deaths you suffer (how many times you are killed/defeated). So a KDR of 25/5 or 25-5 means you killed 25 enemies and were only killed 5 times. Not bad! However, a KDR of 6/20 or 6-20 means you only killed 6 enemies yet you died 20 times. Better luck next time! Normally these ratios are relevant

Isaac Asimov’s Foundation Series

I have greatly enjoyed Isaac Asimov’s foundation series. They are well written and are fairly quick reads. I am also astounded how much his work seems to have influenced Star Wars etc., Asimov’s “Galactic Empire” was truly a precursor to many of the more recent writings/movies and some lines seem to be lifted almost verbatim from Foundation… Foundation links / Audio version by BBC: Foundation series – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Foundation Series is a science fiction series by Isaac

Duke Nukem Forever & AMD Dual Core Optimizer (on Intel!)

Recently I experienced some stuttering while playing DNF with my buddy Kevin. I tried adjusting the video settings to lower quality, yet I still experienced stutter and visual lag (not ping related). Eventually I narrowed the potential culprits to: #1 stuttering from a slow RAID1 hard drive setup that DNF/Steam was loaded on #2 AMD Dual Core Optimizer was installed by DNF/Steam even though I have an Intel CPU #3 the NVIDIA control panel being set for 3D acceleration to

Create BIGGER genius playlists in iTunes? [solved]

Q. Good morning. I have iTunes for my music collection (mp3 & AAC) and really like the Genius feature of iTunes. However, I cannot figure out how to make a Genius playlist with more than 25 songs in it! Is this possible? I don’t really know my way around iTunes very well and I have checked preferences etc. but to no avail. Please help if you can. A. Yes, you CAN make a bigger Genius playlist with 50, 75 or 100

Nice low-end 2.1 speakers [roundup] [Christmas]

Do you have a guy or gal that has been particular nice this year. If so, speakers are always a nice present if they don’t already have a nice set. 🙂 Or maybe you’ve been good and need to treat your ears better? My top speaker picks for $99-$149 this Xmas These 2.1 speaker sets can be found for around $99 on special (check NewEgg shellshockers/weekend deals & Amazon). If you don’t catch them on a deal then they can

Duke Nukem Forever game benchmarks (FPS)

There are only two computer games that I play these days: StarCraft 2 and Duke Nukem Forever. Both of which are sequels to venerable classics. StarCraft 2 is widely considered a worthy successor to SC1. Duke Nukem Forever is generally not considered to be worthy compared to it’s older counterpart Duke Nukem 3D. However, they are both surprisingly fun to play in multiplayer for exactly the opposite reasons: StarCraft 2 – one of the ultimate games when it comes to skill, it