Innova Aviar Disc Golf Putter Review


After learning to play at my friend Kevin’s course using his discs, it was time to begin purchasing my own discs. One of the first purchases: a putter.

My putter of choice: Innova Aviar Disc Golf Putter

This post will be updated once I have had sufficient time to evaluate the disc.

Updated with impressions and brief review: 2012.Mar.01

Description and mini-review: a very predictable and rugged disc that has held up after hundreds of putts. Even the lower grade plastics (like I started with) get the job done and the high grade discs really hold up well. Short putts are like butter and longer putts are doable.

If you need a reliable go to putter it is hard to go wrong with the Aviar.

Rating: 4/5  [starreview tpl=16]

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