Blake’s take on gaming mice for WoW etc.

My friend Blake does a decent amount of gaming. Since I have been blogging about gaming keyboards and gaming mice, I wanted to hear what Blake used…

Specifically I asked him could you tell me what mouse/mice you use for your gaming sessions? Anything re: pros/cons, advice or future mice plans would also be appreciated!

Blake’s response:

I currently use a mouse by Red Dragon that was part of a Case kit that I bought year ag, its just a simple 2 button mouse with a scroll wheel, but it works great. The reason why I have been using that is that I was using a Microsoft Wireles Mouse 6000v2.0. That this is junk. After about 3 month of use it would get stuck where if I was brosing the web it would scroll and there was no stopping it. Then if I clicked the scoll wheel and who knows what other combinations of buttons, it was ok, i fought with the thing for about 8 months before I said forget this, I’m going back to a wired mouse. As far as battery life, it was ok but there was no good way to tell when the batteries were going low, no indicator lights or anything, it would just start skipping, so I’d change out batteries and it would be fine.

I’d like to get a new mouse, at least a 4 button mouse, a gaming mouse would be nice, but I really haven’t started looking yet. In an all perfect world I would like to get the World of Warcraft mouse by SteelSeries, but its hard to justify spending $100+ on a mouse.

SteelSeries - World of Warcraft® MMO Gaming Mouse

SteelSeries – World of Warcraft® MMO Gaming Mouse” the World of Warcraft MMO Gaming mouse is a decent product. It’s well built with high attention to detail. The software & in game interface are (for the most part)…

My sentiment echo Blake’s in that wireless mice are often not a good solution for gaming. Yes, they are convenient. No, they generally don’t work as well for fast response time etc. and they are usually pricier 😉

Thanks for your help Blake, I really appreciate your thorough response!!!  Please keep us posted 🙂

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