What does KDR stand for when gaming? Answer: Kill to Death Ratio

In a video game, your KDR, or kill/death ratio, is simply how many kills you get (when you kill/defeat another player) and how many deaths you suffer (how many times you are killed/defeated).

So a KDR of 25/5 or 25-5 means you killed 25 enemies and were only killed 5 times. Not bad!

However, a KDR of 6/20 or 6-20 means you only killed 6 enemies yet you died 20 times. Better luck next time!

Normally these ratios are relevant in FPS (first person shooters) where you have a set time limit or kill limit for each round. So you could have a good KDR one round and a poor on the next round. People generally strive to have the best KDR so they will appear at the top of the leaderboards/ranking.

I hope this explains KDR 🙂 If you want to add your two cents to the KDR topic, feel free to chime in below in the comments!

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