Create BIGGER genius playlists in iTunes? [solved]

Q. Good morning. I have iTunes for my music collection (mp3 & AAC) and really like the Genius feature of iTunes. However, I cannot figure out how to make a Genius playlist with more than 25 songs in it! Is this possible? I don’t really know my way around iTunes very well and I have checked preferences etc. but to no avail. Please help if you can.

A. Yes, you CAN make a bigger Genius playlist with 50, 75 or 100 songs in it! It is sort of hidden in the upper right hand corner of the playlist window, there is a drop down option, (See Photo) it is not in preferences/options like you might reasonably think it would be… Now you can enjoy your music longer!

PS I too like the Genius feature, it is one of the only reasons I keep iTunes around. 😉

UPDATE: Q. Thank you, I canot believe it was right there this entire time!

UPDATE: A. No problem, I’ve missed similar things before! For being “intuitive” Apple sometimes makes things pretty small/tucked-away 😉 IMHO.

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