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Get rid of Google Voice popup notifications in Chrome

Q. I have an issue where my Google Voice Chrome extension now pops up notifications in the lower right hand corner in a balloon-box. It is quite annoying. I also much prefer the little notification bar by the regular Google Voice icon near the address bar. That one is much more useful to me and makes the popups redundant. Do you have any suggestions on how to hide/disable/remove the annoying Chrome popups? Tami Pain A. Thank you for your question

Trying out Google’s PageSpeed service

I always enjoy a good experiment and if it involves a new web service the all the better. Tonight I am testing out the Google PageSpeed service: So far the results look promising. šŸ™‚ As of right now only a small number of visitors are getting the PageSpeed enhanced version of this site.Ā Tomorrow will be the real test, as that will be when the required DNS changes haveĀ propagatedĀ out to all visitors. As such, if you notice anything wonky with