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Create BIGGER genius playlists in iTunes? [solved]

Q. Good morning. I have iTunes for my music collection (mp3 & AAC) and really like the Genius feature of iTunes. However, I cannot figure out how to make a Genius playlist with more than 25 songs in it! Is this possible?Ā I don’t really know my way around iTunes very well and I have checked preferences etc. but to no avail. Please help if you can. A. Yes, you CAN make a bigger Genius playlist with 50, 75 or 100

Tips from MacBook Air

[these are some random notes from when I was using a MacBook Air… if I ever use a Mac again I will try to clean up this page!] How to make a window FULLSCREEN? How to prevent a MacBook (Air or Pro or whatever) from sleeping when you close the lid How to take a screenshot (print screen) Command+Shift+4 Command+Up (or Left) Arrow Key = Home Command+Down (or Right) Arrow Key = End Switch between Chrome windows

MacBook Air dropping wifi? [solved]

Q. My MBA keeps dropping wifi connections, especially when coming up from sleep… it is weird because it prompts me to reenter my WPA2 password every time it does this but even after entering the password it can’t connect! Can you help? A. I have a MBA that exhibited similar issues, so far the best help has been the latest Lion update (10.7.1) Hopefully this update will help you too and get your MacBook Air working well with wifi! If

Force MacBook Air/Pro keyboard backlight ON [solved]

I was dismayed when my new MacBook’s backlit keyboard turned off without any warning. Apparently Apple feels it knows best when the kb backlight should be on and off. This auto-off behavior was a bit of a bummer to meĀ after many Dell and HP laptops which feature fully userĀ controllable backlit keyboards. Thankfully “Lab Tick” is a small program which lets you take control of the backlight! Highly recommended for anyone with a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air and backlit keyboard…

How to view status of app store download? Mac OSX El Capitan

I was downloading the latest iOS SDK from the Mac App Store and initially I could not find the download status. Eventually I found one way to do so, go to the “Purchased” section of the app store and you should be able to view the download progress! šŸ™‚ I realize it is pretty obvious once you see it, but I really wish Apple would put the progress someplace else too… if anybody has other tips for viewing DL status,

Minimize all windows/apps in Mac OSX Lion [solved]

Q. How do I quickly minimize all runnings apps/windows and show the Mac OSX desktop?! A. The best way I know of is to press theĀ F11 key (or Fn+F11 on some MacBook keyboards…) this should Ā push all your apps out of the way and show the desktop. To get your apps back in place, just press F11 again! PS another method is toĀ command+option+click on the desktop, (or instead of Desktop, a Finder window, or the Finder icon in the dock).

Best RDP client for Mac OSX Lion

UPDATE: 2013.03.10 adding a new desktop client to the list as well as info for iOS and Android RDP clients. UPDATE: 2012.04.05 added more info regarding certificate errors (and ignoring them!) This week I have beenĀ using OSX alongside Windows. I quickly realized that I needed a good remote desktop connection (terminal server) client for Mac OSX Lion. Here are the primary candidatesĀ I considered: MS Remote Desktop Connection Client for Mac to multiple PCs New Multiple Session Support gives Mac users

uTorrent vs Transmission on Mac OSX Lion

Well, I bought a Mac. Specifically a MacBook Air 11.6″ notebook. It is the best ultralight travel computer I could find. I had known the MacBook Airs were good little computers for quite some time, but after they did away with the backlit keyboard a while back I scratched them off of my “short list” of top notebook. Well, they re-added the backlit keyboard and they also put in some spicy new CPUs and nice big SSD options. So I