Tips from MacBook Air

[these are some random notes from when I was using a MacBook Air… if I ever use a Mac again I will try to clean up this page!]

How to make a window FULLSCREEN?

How to prevent a MacBook (Air or Pro or whatever) from sleeping when you close the lid

How to take a screenshot (print screen)


Command+Up (or Left) Arrow Key = Home

Command+Down (or Right) Arrow Key = End

Switch between Chrome windows

Command + ~ (Command + tilde)

Right Click on MacBook Air

Apple still only ships the MacBook Air with a single mouse button, so if you’d like a contextual (right) click you can either Control + Click or enable the mouse gesture: place two fingers on the track pad and then click the button.

Run multiple instances of VLC

Change file associations

This came in handy after “Smart Video Converter” hijacked my .mp4 associations from QuickTime! Also handy to set VLC as the default for AVI and others that QuickTime does not play due to missing codecs.

Close a tab in Safari (works for Chrome too)


(closes the current tab)

Show all currently running apps/programs in Mac OSX Lion

command(apple) + option(one next to apple) + esc(that one in the top left…) will show list of open apps. and you can force quit them from there.

Press command+tab to see all programs that run in the dock.

Or use Activity Monitor (Applications>Utilities).

Full Screen Toggle

If you’re stuck in any full screen app, or want to enter full screen using a keyboard shortcut, try pressing Command + Shift + F all at the same time.

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