Misc Notes from the Farm

The little creek near our house started running again.

We put up four ricks of firewood today.

I’m helping Samantha build a weaving bench out of red oak.

Working on souping up a Dell M4400 to be a killer notebook ;-).

Samantha and I started the P90X workout routine this week, we’re sore.



  • EEK! Killer notebook lose in the house!

  • Hi J.D.! Long time no visit your website. I love the new tabbed layout. The photo collection on guy’s weekend fondly reminded me of my trip into the backcountry of Rocky Mtn. Nat’l. Pk.

    I’m a staunch defender of the 2nd Amend., but with reservations that can be read about on my myspace page. As a pariah in both camps of the issue, I advocate for rigorous gun control, with the objective of proliferating concealed carry amongst a well-screened, well-trained and rigorously tested and qualified population. I would even advocate for subsidizing the costs thereof, because getting your permit to carry is expensive.

    I’ve been consumed with progressive political work lately. I’m also treating another foot for another pesky neuroma. It’s contributing to weight gain due to not reducing caloric intake commensurate with declining physical activity. Middle age BITES!! 🙂

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