When do I get my stimulus / economic impact check? [ANSWERED]

Question: I just updated my banking info with the IRS website, how can I find out when I will get my stimulus (economic impact) deposit?


Answer as of May 1st, 2020:
As best I can determine, if you enter your bank account information any day until noon on a Tuesday, your payment date will become available the Saturday after that Tuesday.

In other words, if you enter the info before Tuesday then the following Saturday you can log back in to “Get My Payment” and it will have a payment date listed. That payment date will likely be 3-5 days after the Saturday.

For example, if you check your payment date on May 2nd (Saturday) you may see that they have scheduled your deposit for May 6th (Wednesday).

I apologize for the complicated answer, but I hope this helps! 🙂


FOLLOWUP FROM Christopher:

Thanks for this. That is what I need. I wish they were faster but it works.


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