What resolution is qHD? ANSWERED

Q. Hello. I am planning on getting a new Android smartphone. The web page talking about the phone says its screen is qHD resolution, what is that? -Cindy

A. qHD resolution is 960×540. Resolution in this case refers to how many horizontal and vertical pixels the screen has. qHD is interesting because it qualifies as “quarter high definition”. It has half the horizontal and vertical resolution of full “HD” 1080p (1920×1080) Therefore it also has 1/4 the total pixels:

  • qHD = 960×540 = 518400 total pixels
  • HD = 1920×1080 = 2073600 total pixels
  • qHD/HD = 518400 / 2073600 = 1/4


These days, high resolution displays (like Apple’s “Retina” Display) are all the rage. qHD is a nice resolution for an Android phone in 2012, but be aware that eventually even higher resolution displays are likely to become the norm.

BONUS: What resolution is the iPhone 4/4S retina display? 960×640 = 614400 total pixels (so roughly 15% higher resolution than qHD…)

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