Remove small scratches & goop from iPhones/iPad [SOLVED]

Q. Any tips for removing scratches from my iPhone and iPad? I want to sell them on eBay and right now they are pretty scuffed up 🙁 -Stephanie

A. If you ever need to quickly remove scratches or glue from a metal/aluminum clad device (like an iPhone, iPad, or other tablets/phones) you may want to try this simple tip:

  1. find a mild toothpaste (one that has a bit of grit to provide some abrasiveness)
  2. put a small dab on your finger (you may want to apply as is, or with a small amount of water)
  3. gently spread the toothpaste to cover the affected are
  4. use your finger to rub* the toothpaste and gently polish/sand the device
    *make sure to rub in the same direction as the existing brush of the device, i.e. on brushed aluminum you will likely see that the material has vertical or horizontal brush marks
  5. remove the toothpaste with a dampened micro fiber or 100% cotton cloth
  6. (repeat as necessary)

While this will not remove large gouges, it can be very effective at improving the appearance of scratches and removing, haze, oil, etc.

As always, be careful not to get any toothpaste/water on areas of your phone that could be damaged (speakers, seams, etc.)

Thanks for the great question Stephanie, I hope this helps! 🙂

PS please make sure to take good photos of your device and fully disclose their condition on your eBay auction, that will ensure the buyers know exactly what they are getting 🙂


Followup from Stephanie, September 6th 2015:

WOW, I did not think it would make as big a difference as it did!
THANK YOU! My devices looked great, they sold for nice bank on eBay, and the buyers were super happy!

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