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Remove small scratches & goop from iPhones/iPad [SOLVED]

Q. Any tips for removing scratches from my iPhone and iPad? I want to sell them on eBay and right now they are pretty scuffed up 🙁 -Stephanie A. If you ever need to quickly remove scratches or glue from a metal/aluminum clad device (like an iPhone, iPad, or other tablets/phones) you may want to try this simple tip: find a mild toothpaste (one that has a bit of grit to provide some abrasiveness) put a small dab on your finger (you may want to apply

Is the aluminum Jumper LIKEaBIKE made in Germany? No, TAIWAN.

Q. Is the aluminum Jumper LIKEaBIKE made in Germany? A. No, according to LIKEaBIKE customer support: The LIKEaBIKE Jumper is produced in Taiwan by DAHON, the world largest folding bike manufacturer. The wooden LIKEaBIKEs are made in Germany. Regards Peter R. This came as a surprise to me as I thought that all of their balance bikes (including the metal ones) were made in Germany, but alas that is not the case 🙁