LG G3 Questions

LG G3 Questions:

Hello, please excuse my ignorance. So if I have a T-Mobile SIM card which I am using in my phone right now and put it in a LG G3 phone for example will this work. And if so, let’s say four or five months down the line I decide to switch to AT&T do I have to do anything different at all apart from just switching out an AT&T SIM card for my T-Mobile SIM card.

I have read up quite a bit on the LG G3 and it sounds like a great phone. Do you know if I can turn autocorrect off?

Also what drives me nuts with the Samsung Note 2 is that when the battery gets down to 20, 15, 10 and 5% this huge battery icon comes up on my phone to tell me just that. Unfortunately I have lost hours and hours and hours of talk time on Facebook due to this icon coming up and as I have been talking on audio that icon overides that speech.

Have you had your G3 phone long, and in general how long does the battery charge last. Many thanks for your response, J.A.


LG G3 Answers:

Hello and thank you for your message 🙂

Yes, a T-Mobile SIM should work as you described. Likewise, switching to AT&T would be just as easy.

I believe auto-correct can be turned off as follows:

  • Menu -> Settings.
  • Language and Input.
  • LG Keyboard -> gear icon.
  • Scroll to the the Auto-correction option.
  • Select Off to completely turn off auto-correct.

You can also replace the stock keyboard with whatever keyboard you desire.

I have never encountered a battery icon like that on a G3 🙂

In general the batteries on G3 phones seem to last as well or better than their Samsung counterparts and of course the battery is easily replaceable/swappable which is nice!

Please let me know if you have any other questions or if I may be of further assistance.

Best regards,

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