Lenovo X230 Memory Upgrade to 16GB [HOWTO] [VIDEO]

[Scroll to the bottom for a quick video of the upgrade process!]

16GB of glorious DDR3L-1866Mhz SODIMM memory :-)

16GB of glorious DDR3L-1866Mhz SODIMM memory 🙂

The Lenovo X230 (and its predecessor the X220) are absurdly easy to upgrade. Here is the X230 memory upgrade process:

  1. Power off laptop (fully OFF, not hibernate)
  2. Remove battery
  3. Remove two screws from memory access panel
  4. Remove existing RAM by releasing retention clips
  5. Securely install new upgrade RAM
  6. Replace cover & screws
  7. Replace battery and power ON!
16GB of memory, woot woot

16GB of memory, woot woot

For the upgrade, I chose Crucial’s excellent 16GB DDR3 RAM kit for approximately $69 USD.
It takes about 2 minutes to do the memory upgrade, crazy easy. Here’s a 10 second #hyperlapse of the process:


I love this laptop!


  • Sophia

    Hey JD,
    found your blog looking for ways to upgrade my RAM on my Acer Aspire. I found your article super helpful so I subscribed by RSS 🙂 Would you buy an Acer again? This computer is getting kind of old and I’m going to need a new one for school/work.

    • Hi Sophia,
      Thank you for your kind message 🙂 I am very glad that my RAM upgrade article was helpful!

      Yes, I would recommend an Acer laptop as a potential replacement. Also, if a Chromebook could fulfill your needs there are some excellent models out there including some by ASUS that I would recommend.

      Have a great week Sophia and thanks again for commenting!

      Best regards,

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