How to FORMAT my Dish network screen to NOT zoom for HD?

Q. I have a Dish receiver that makes all my HD channels look ugly. It says HD Zoom when I switch to one of those channels. Suggestion?

A. If you have an older Dish receiver and want to turn off (or turn on) zoom for HD channels, try pressing the asterisk * [format] button! This should allow you to cycle through the various options for HD channel presentation 🙂

Press the * button to cycle through zoom/format modes

Press the * button to cycle through zoom/format modes


  • Dave

    I called dish help line, (bad idea). After calling and going threw their menu ( another bad idea ) and waiting for a little under a day and a half I finally got a real person ( I think ) then I discovered I had to hire an interpater to understand the guy. I knew this was going to be a three Jim Beam drink process. After figuring out what language and what planet he was from I finished my first Beam and coke.

    Rather than take 40 minutes of your time, like you have nothing bettyer to do, I hung up and went to my laptop and quess what. typed in (How to fix ——–) Bingo one line to read problem fixed

    • Thank you for your comment, Dave.

      I am very sorry to hear about your unfortunate Dish service experience 🙁 However, I am thrilled that my page helped solved your problem! 🙂

      Have a great day Dave, and thank you again for taking the time to comment!

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