Missing locals on Dish Network (Oscars, Superbowl) [FIXED]

We had an unpleasant surprise when we turned on our Dish receiver to watch the Super Bowl, no local channels ūüôĀ We ended up watching it online (without commercials :-(). Now it is a few weeks later and the Oscars are approaching. Locals were still not coming in so I logged into my Dish online account and used the chat feature. Here is the transcript.

They were able to reinitialize my channels and they showed up during the chat, they also agreed to give me a 6 month bill credit for the issue. ūüôā



 Jeffry (ID: AOJ): Hi, my name is Jeffry (ID: AOJ). How may I help you?
 Jeffry (ID: AOJ): I hope you are having a great day today, Customer!
¬†Customer: Hello, I hope you are having a great day too ūüôā I am having trouble viewing local channels
¬†Jeffry (ID: AOJ): Don’t worry, I will be glad to assist you today.
 Jeffry (ID: AOJ): Can you please describe exactly what is on the television screen now?  If there is an on screen message, please include the 3 digit number found in the top right corner.
 Customer: I am viewing a dish intro channel, there are no messages on the screen
 Jeffry (ID: AOJ): I see.
 Jeffry (ID: AOJ): Are you missing your locals?
 Customer: yes
 Jeffry (ID: AOJ): I see.
 Jeffry (ID: AOJ): May I have your service address please?
 Jeffry (ID: AOJ): Thank you.
 Jeffry (ID: AOJ): How long have you been experiencing this problem?
 Customer: Feb 1st was when I noticed the issue. But I had not been using my receiver for quite a while before then.
 Jeffry (ID: AOJ): I see.
 Jeffry (ID: AOJ): Can you try pressing the GUIDE button on the DISH remote please?
¬†Jeffry (ID: AOJ): Check if it shows “My Channels” or All Subs”
¬†Customer: Yes, I know see the guide on the list ‘My Channels’
 Jeffry (ID: AOJ): Thank you.
 Jeffry (ID: AOJ): Are your locals still missing?
 Customer: I believe so, the unit is on DISH 101 and there are no locals shown above or below it
 Jeffry (ID: AOJ): Thank you.
 Jeffry (ID: AOJ): Can you try going to channel 7220?
 Customer: On the guide, My Channels, I entered 7220. It did not go to that channel,
 Jeffry (ID: AOJ): Thank you.
 Jeffry (ID: AOJ): I will send a signal to your receiver now
 Customer: Actually,
 Customer: I tried it again and this time it did go to 7220
 Jeffry (ID: AOJ): Yes?
 Jeffry (ID: AOJ): Alright
 Jeffry (ID: AOJ): Are you getting a picture on that channel?
 Customer: Yes I am getting a picture there!
 Jeffry (ID: AOJ): Thank you.
 Jeffry (ID: AOJ): Please wait for 2-3 minutes for the signal
 Customer: OK, I am specifically trying to get my local ABC HD channel for the Oscars on Sunday. Thank you
 Jeffry (ID: AOJ): Thank you.
 Jeffry (ID: AOJ): Can you check your local ABC channel 33 again please
 Customer: 33 is now coming in
 Jeffry (ID: AOJ): Alright
 Jeffry (ID: AOJ): Can you check if your locals are still missing
 Customer: Yes, one moment please
 Customer: They are now showing up!
 Jeffry (ID: AOJ): Sure
 Customer: What was the issue?
 Jeffry (ID: AOJ): There could be an issue with the satellite signal going to your dish, J.D.
 Jeffry (ID: AOJ): Is the weather clear in your area?
 Customer: Yes the weather is clear, it was also clear on Feb 1st when I tried to watch the super bowl. The local channels were simply not showing up on my Dish (guide, or manually going to the chnnels)
 Jeffry (ID: AOJ): I understand.
 Jeffry (ID: AOJ): For now, just let your receiver as it is
 Jeffry (ID: AOJ): Be sure to access your account online at  http://www.mydish.com to take advantage of the many features and benefits such as making changes to your programming, ordering PPV, viewing your bills and much more
¬†Customer: Thank you for your assistance, however, can you please check about a bill credit for this month? The super bowl and the oscars are the two events each year I use my dish for, and I was unable to get the super bowl on for my friends ūüôĀ
 Jeffry (ID: AOJ): Sure.
 Jeffry (ID: AOJ): One moment please
 Jeffry (ID: AOJ): I can give you a credit of $5 for 3 months, will this be okay?
 Customer: Thank you for checking. Can you please ask about either $10 for 3 months, or $5 for 6 months. DirecTV has been sending me offers to switch and after the super bowl I was considering it
 Jeffry (ID: AOJ): I understand.
¬†Jeffry (ID: AOJ): I’ll make it $5 for 6 months then
 Customer: That would be good, thank you
¬†Jeffry (ID: AOJ): You’re welcome. Pleass bear with me
 Customer: Thank you. Can you also advise me as to how much a hopper would be for my setup?
 Jeffry (ID: AOJ): Your bill will be reduced by $5 per month for 6 months. Your new monthly rate will be $29.99. You will see the credit on your bill created on 3/13. After 6 months you will pay the then-current price, which today is $34.99 per month.
 Customer: Thank you for the rate info
¬†Jeffry (ID: AOJ): You’re welcome.
¬†Jeffry (ID: AOJ): How many TV’s do you have?
 Customer: One TV
 Jeffry (ID: AOJ): Thank you.
 Jeffry (ID: AOJ): Let me check the pricing
 Customer: Thank you
 Jeffry (ID: AOJ): Thank you.
 Jeffry (ID: AOJ): Thank you for your patience.
¬†Jeffry (ID: AOJ): If you upgrade to Hopper, ¬†your new monthly rate will be $$96.98. Your next month’s bill will be slightly higher as prorated charges will apply on that bill in addition to the new monthly rate.
 Jeffry (ID: AOJ): The equipment is free. There is a one time fee if $95 for the tech visit which will be billed to your account.
 Jeffry (ID: AOJ): This upgrade will have a 24-month commitment. We will also have to perform a credit card qualification. There will be a $1 charge on your card but will fall off after a few days. You also have to return your old equipment by giving it to the technician who will install the new ones.
 Customer: Thank you for checking, that is more than I can spend so I will stay with the regular rate you already setup. Thank you.
¬†Jeffry (ID: AOJ): You’re welcome.
 Jeffry (ID: AOJ): I will leave your account as it is
 Jeffry (ID: AOJ): Do you have any other questions or concerns for me?
 Customer: No, thank you Jeffry. Have a nice day
¬†Jeffry (ID: AOJ): You’re welcome.
 Jeffry (ID: AOJ): Thank you for using DISH Chat and allowing me to help. Have a great rest of your day. Customer!
 Jeffry (ID: AOJ) has disconnected.

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