How to disconnect Amazon from Facebook [solved]

Recently I tried to send an Amazon Kindle gift card to a friend via Facebook. I did this because I did not have their current email address. To send it via Facebook I was required to “connect” my Amazon account with my Facebook account. After I did so, the gift card failed to send and so I subsequently wanted to disconnect my Amazon account from my Facebook account (and I just printed the gift card and gave it to my friend in person!)

I could not find a simple guide for disconnecting applications from Facebook, so I thought I would post my own…

Here are simple instructions, valid as of August 21st 2011, for disconnecting your Facebook and Amazon accounts:

#1 log into Facebook

#2 click on the “Account” link in the top righthand corner of Facebook

#3 go to the “Applications” link
You should see a screen similar to this one:

#4 Click the “x” next to the app(s) you want to remove

#5 Confirm removing the app and you are done, good job!

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