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NSA’s Boundless Informant

Today was the first time I encountered the term ‘boundless informant’ and now more information is becoming available about the intelligence monitoring project: Boundless Informant: the NSA’s secret tool to track global surveillance datahttp://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2013/jun/08/nsa-boundless-informant-global-dataminingThe National Security Agency has developed a powerful tool for recording and analysing where its intelligence comes from, raising questions about its repeated assurances to Congress that it cannot keep track of all the surveillance it performs on American communications. Boundless Informanthttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boundless_InformantBoundless Informant is a big data

Name generator ideas

I wrote a character name generator a while back. Since then I have come across a variety of requests for various other name generators: fake name generator fake id generator wow name generator baby name generator fantasy name generator _____ name generator name generator _____ name generator app name generator skyrim name generator seventh sanctum name generator star wars name generator superhero name meanings what does _____ name mean? Much of it is traditional gaming name requests, but some of

Akismet Privacy Policies Plugin for WordPress

Q. Thank you for the recommendation to install Akismet on my Weblogs.us blog. It has worked to prevent spam on my blog. I also saw there is an Akismet privacy policy plugin? -P A. Glad you are enjoying the anti-spam plugin! As for the privacy policy plugin, I had actually never heard of it before you emailed. After some research it appears to generally be geared toward bloggers in Germany, as apparently Akismet (probably due to the way it tests comment content

How to disconnect Amazon from Facebook [solved]

Recently I tried to send an Amazon Kindle gift card to a friend via Facebook. I did this because I did not have their current email address. To send it via Facebook I was required to “connect” my Amazon account with my Facebook account. After I did so, the gift card failed to send and so I subsequently wanted to disconnect my Amazon account from my Facebook account (and I just printed the gift card and gave it to my friend in