How to add a Google Calendar Reminder that repeats on 1st of each month

Recently I needed to create a Google Calendar reminder that repeats on the 1st day of each month. 📅

Initially, it was slightly confusing how to do this. Therefore, once I figured it out, I wanted to share the tip in case other people had similar issues:

  1. Go to Google Calendar
  2. Click the “+Create” button in the upper left hand corner
  3. Choose “Reminder”
  4. Set a title for the Reminder
  5. Choose the 1st day of the month that you want the reminder to begin
  6. Set a desired time of day to be reminded
  7. Select the “Does not repeat” drop down and choose “Custom…”
  8. Choose Repeat every 1 “month”
  9. Choose “Monthly on day 1” on the next dropdown
  10. Choose and Ends date that meets your criteria (i.e. Never, On a particular day, or after a number of occurences)
  11. Click “Done”

Finally, you have a reminder that will occur on the first day of each month!

The process should be similar for an Event or a Task. 👍👍

PS here are some screenshots that illustrate the most critical steps:


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