How do I clean my coffee maker? [AI Answered]

NOTE: this is an AI generated answer, using OpenAI GPT-2. Here is the question prompt and the resulting answer:

Q: How do I clean my coffee maker?

A. There are numerous cleaning methods to choose from.

1.) Pour some water into the coffee maker and submerge the lid. Do not wash the glass.

2.) Dip the coffee maker upside down in water for 10 seconds and then rinse.

3.) Put the lid back on and let the coffee maker sit for 2 days, stirring every day.

4.) Put the lid back on and repeat the water bath with the same amount of water.

5.) Repeat. You will be cleaning the coffee maker every day or so and they should be clean and sparkling clean!

6.) While it is still on the water bath, wipe the coffee maker with a soft cloth or a rag, leaving some paper underneath the filter.

7.) After 15 days, it is ready to filter.

8.) Once filtered, you can fill the coffee cup to the top with water.

Do you use a coffee filter and do you rinse every single day? This should help improve the coffee smell.

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