Fixed skewed pages in ScanSnap

I adore my Fujitsu ScanSnap ix500 scanner. It lets me scan 70+ pages with ease (simplex or duplex) all the while OCRing every shred of text and therefore saving me oodles of time.

Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 Scanner for PC and Mac

Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 Scanner for PC and Mac scanner which I really love. Easy to install and works seamlessly on my Windows 8 laptop. I use this all the time to scan and archive all the papers in my house and the… Read more

However, today I encountered an unexpected issue: skewed pages 🙁 Portions of the page would scan straight and then a section of text would be wildly skewed. This was scanning a nearly 30 year old document with alternating thick and then pages. I am not sure exactly what was throwing off the scanning, but thankfully I did find a setting that resolved the issue!

Here are the steps to fix skewing on the ScanSnap software:

  • Right click the ScanSnap icon in the notification area of the taskbar
  • Select Scan Button Settings
  • Under the Scanning tab, select Option
  • Check the ‘Deskew by text on document’
  • Press OK, Press OK again

Commence scanning! 🙂

Make sure to select 'Deskew by txt on document'

Make sure to select ‘Deskew by txt on document’

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