Move media files into individual folders with the same name

If you ever decide to backup your DVDs or other media to ISO format, it can be handy to have them each in their own folder. However, if you decide to do this after you have already ripped all the ISOs to a single folder then it can be a time consuming task.

I have written batch (.bat) files to automate this process in the past, but recently I discovered a very nice Windows program that can do it for you:

File 2 Folder

Skwire Empire » Files 2 Folder

Skwire Empire » Files 2 Folder Files 2 Folder Description: A right-click shell extension that will automatically create a folder based on the selected filename and move that file into that folder. If you select multiple…
How to Create a Folder from Selected Files in Windows

How to Create a Folder from Selected Files in Windows’ve previously written about a tool that allows you to create a bunch of folders at one time from a list of words or phrases. However, what if you want to create one or more folders from a bunch of selected text files?




Free, simple and highly recommended!

Having all your media in their own folders can be very handy as it allows for .srt and related files to be in the the same unique folder as the media  file itself. Also, when doing directory browsing in XBMC, ES File Explorer and other programs/apps it makes for a nice consolidated view of media (rather than having some files and some folder in your “Movies” or “Media” folder, you can have all folders).

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