Windows 8 disable left swipe (Yoga 2 Pro etc.)

In Windows 8 left swipe is fine for touchscreens, but it is majorly annoying with touchpads 🙁 Thankfully, on laptops like the Lenovo Yoga 2 and Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro it is fairly easy to disable the edge swipe recognition on the trackpad:

#1 Open the Synaptics Pointing Device Properties
Detailed instructions: at the Windows 8 desktop look at the taskbar notification area (bottom of the screen, right-hand side of the taskbar). Find the Synaptics icon which looks like a small touchpad. Click the icon and select Pointing Device Properties.

#2 Navigate to:
Mouse Properties -> Device Settings Tab -> Synaptics Control Panel -> One Finger Tab -> Enable Edge Swipes (Uncheck this box!)

Uncheck the box, the edge swipes will be disabled!

Uncheck the box, the edge swipes will be disabled!

Close the dialog and voila! you should not have any more trouble with mistaken edge swipes on the touchpad 🙂

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