Crossroads Inn and Suites, Salem MO WiFi review [EXCELLENT]

I regularly stay throughout Missouri for business. I normally test the speeds at every hotel I stay in. Recently I stayed at the Crossroads Inn and Suites in Salem MO. I have stayed there before, but they recently upgraded their internet so I wanted to run speed tests again. Here are the speedtest results:

  • ~60.0Mbps D/L*
  • ~12Mbps U/L*

*average of multiple tests throughout stay. 

WiFi speedtest results, EXCELLENT

WiFi speedtest results, EXCELLENT

These are some of the best speeds I have encountered. WiFi coverage was also excellent, both in my room and in the meeting/breakfast areas.

The speeds were perfect for my work and NetFlix was flawless when I decided to kick back and relax.


+Very fast downloads

+Fast uploads

+Excellent WiFi coverage

+WiFi is free (i.e. no cost, and you don’t have to pay for higher speeds)

Other notes:

+Convenient location near dining and shopping/supplies, also near scenic rivers area

~Nightly price roughly approximately $107 for 2 queen beds w/nice LCD TV and mini-fridge

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