Residence Inn Marriott, Springfield MO [business WiFi review]

I regularly stay in Springfield MO and Branson MO for business. I normally test the speeds at every hotel I stay in. Recently I stayed at the Marriott Residence Inn in Springfield MO and here are the results:

  • ~2.0Mbps D/L*
  • ~0.9Mbps U/L*

*average of multiple tests throughout stay. Max D/L was 3Mbps, min was 1Mbps. Max U/L was always around 0.9Mbps.

WiFi Speedtest results

WiFi Speedtest results

Overall, these are some of the worst speeds I have seen in southern Missouri. You can pay $8.95 a day for higher speeds, however, I was staying for multiple days and I despise paying recurring fees.

Therefore, I opted to use the WiFi hotspot on my Nexus 6P with AT&T. Those speeds were 20Mbps D/L and 5Mbps U/L’s. I saw plenty of other hotspot WiFi connections (mainly Verizon and AT&T) so I think other guests were doing the same.


-Slow downloads

-Slow uploads

+Good WiFi coverage

Other notes:

+Convenient location in south Springfield

~Nightly price roughly $179 for a two bedroom suite with kitchenette

Residence Inn Roadside Sign and Flags

Residence Inn Roadside Sign and Flags

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