How to cancel/delete Gilt/Jetsetter account! [SOLVED]

Are you getting oodles of spam from Gilt and their affiliated websites? If so, here are the instructions for how to cancel your ‘membership’ to their myriad sites:

To cancel your Gilt Groupe membership, please send us an email using the button on our support page with your request and we will deactivate your account. If you choose to deactivate your account, it will deactivate your login credentials on all of Gilt Groupe’s related properties including Gilt, Gilt City, Gilt Taste, Park and Bond and Jetsetter.

via Gilt Groupe.


#1 Here is the page that you need to go to:

#2 Then click the link as shown below:

#3 You will then be presented with a contact form that you can type something into, such as the sample letter below…

That’s it! 🙂

Sample email that you can send

Request: Please deactivate my account.

Reason: I am receiving way too many emails from way too many sites as a result of signing up for ‘Gilt’. Unsubscribing is not sufficient as every time I do so I seem to receive more from other ‘Gilt’ affiliated sites. 🙁

Summary: Please deactivate/delete my account.

Best regards,
-Jane Doe


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