Broadband2Go software download, UNLIMITED internet is a go!

After a false start yesterday, Virgin Mobile USA got their unlimited internet deal off the ground 🙂 Woohoo for $40 a month for unlimited internet! NOTE: post updated with links to Broadband2Go software download links…
Here are some photos of the setup process and some initial speed results at the end:

Broadband2go unlimited / iPad

isn’t the modem cute?! 😉

Ovation MC760 adapter

Ovation MC760 adapter w/pen

modem intimidating a pen

Installing drivers Install screen The drivers that are addedBefore activation

it switches to EVDO after you activate it… and you can see the regular looking connection manager here

The $40 unlimited plan option


Ohh shucks, only 400GB of bandwidth left ;-).


Virgin Mobile/Sprint network: Download speeds here in smalltown Missouri are very decent: connecting at 3mbs with 150kbs-200kbs actual download speeds.

Verizon: This compares to Verizon in this town where 120kbs actual DL is best case and the connectivity drops out like AT&T on a bad day ;-). Normally I like Verizon but in this particular town they seem saturated 🙁

Conclusion on Virgin Mobile Broadband2Go: good so far!

2010.08.27 Update: ping times, Games, Remote Desktop Connection

John requested some ping and latency info. Surprisingly, I haven’t been able to do a regular ping from the command line (the request always times out) so I had to resort to and here are the results from tonight:

(click for the full size version)

The screenshot makes it look pretty terrible tonight, but I’m not sure those results are accurate.

Games: I tried SC2 and it played very nicely. Haven’t tried VOIP yet…

Remote Desktop: I opened a couple simultaneous RDC connections and they were usable. Not the most responsive I’ve ever seen, but fine for server administration or other routine (non-image heavy) activities .

2011.04.18 Update: BroadBand2Go is no longer unlimited 🙁

Unfortunately in January 2011 Virgin Mobile reduced the monthly download limit to 5GB. When that happened I switched back to my Verizon (originally Alltel) unlimited account.

At some point later I believe Virgin mobile further reduced the monthly download limit to approximately 2.5GB before being throttled. 🙁 It seems like quite a “bait and switch” by Virgin Mobile to get people to signup for their service touting unlimited downloading, only to decrease it drastically a few months later. Bummer.

Many people were coming to this page by searching for Broadband2Go software downloads.
So, here is a [download id=”10451″ format=”1″] of the Broadband2Go software that came with my Ovation MC760 USB adapter. I hope this helps!



  • Randy

    Wow that’s a pretty sweet deal. I may have to try that myself!!!

  • NetFiend

    no kiddin…i was wondering if they ever got the 40USD plan launched…now me want! hope words gets out about this sweetness…

  • So is that 400GB total bandwidth (up and down) or just download? I don’t think I top 200GB a month download wise (unless I setup a new computer and have to download all of my steam account games). What are you seeing for network latency (ping) with the 3G stick?

  • J.D.

    Howdy John, thanks for the good question! I’m not sure on UL/DL but I would guess it’s combined.

    Latency *seems* fine, but I haven’t had much luck measuring it. It actually seems like Virgin Movbile (VM) is blocking pings?! Sounds crazy… I need to try it with the card directly connected instead of through the Cradlepoint router.

    SC2 works very well, pages load decently fast, and RDC works fine. Haven’t tried SSH yet but I wouldn’t expect it to be a problem. Hollar if you want any other info/tests :-).

  • Hi J.D., this is pretty cool. I might have to suggest this to the bro’s to try! Thanks!

  • J.D.

    Cool Gabe! They have a pretty good coverage map on their website

    The thing I like best, besides the low monthly price, is that it doesn’t require a contract :-).

    PS Hope things are going well out your way!

  • RR

    Any idea how this thing is with Netflix?

  • JR

    Any luck with pinging? I switched from Verizon and now I cannot hit my website – I can’t ping throught the Cradlepoint router or when directly connected to my computer. Seems like they are blocking ports?

  • J.D.

    JR: I’m still having the same experience you are: no pinging :-(. I think Virgin Mobile Broadband2Go either has ports blocked like you suggested, or they’re using a proxy/NAT and disabled pinging while they were at it.

    RR: I tried it with NetFlix and it was usable for me, but there were some sporadic pauses for buffering.

  • JR

    I’ve tried serving my web page on several different port numbers thinking maybe they only block certain ports. Still no luck.

    Overall the speed is slower and more sporadic than Verizon – I wish I had never cancelled Verizon.

  • Jacob

    Awww! Why is the download disabled?? Ive been looking EVERYWHERE for this software 🙁

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