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WildBlue US Government Recovery Act Program and Plans

If you are in the market for Exede or WildBlue Broadbrand, make sure to checkout the WidlBlue US Recovery act plan first: US Government Stimulus Program | Satellite Internet Service from Wild Bluehttp://get.wildblue.com/recovery-act-program.htmlThe limited time U.S. government Recovery Act Program is currently in effect, but funds are running out. Don’t miss out on this opportunity for discounted monthly rates, plus… WildBlue & the US Recovery Act | Low Cost Broadbandhttp://www.wildblue.com/options/recovery-actThis special program is available to rural unserved households under the

Info about WildBlue and ViaSat-1 upgrade availability

As a current WildBlue subscriber-living way off the grid-I am particularly interested in their new ViaSat-1 satellite and the faster speeds / enhanced capabilities that it will provide. As such, here are some articles on the topic: UPDATE: from what I have read, WildBlue ViaSat-1 residential availability has started in Colorado (or will start SOON… like late Dec early Jan) and then nationwide rollout in February. If anyone else has better/updated info, please post in the comments… thanks!   ViaSat’s