Branson’s Nantucket free Wi-Fi review

I am staying at Branson’s Nantucket a few days this week so I have had a good chance to test their free WiFi.

Connecting, Signal Strength

The wifi is free in all the units and I received simple login instructions and password upon check-in.  Connecting was easy, I had no problems and overall the wifi signal quality is excellent:

Excellent signal strength

Excellent signal strength

(each unit has its own secure encrypted connection/router/SSID, the lower strength signals are other units)

Both my wife and I were able to connect from upstairs/downstairs and even out on the deck and porch with no issues. 🙂 Between the two of us we use a lot of data but the connection never faltered. This is a nice change from some places we stay where it is a pain to try to do anything bandwidth intensive.


The speeds are pretty good for the Branson area:

Conclusion and Rating

Overall the internet connection has been rock solid for our entire stay and my wife and I are quite happy with it. However, even in Branson (not an area known for high speed internet) there is still a little room for speed improvements, so I rate it 4 out of 5 stars. 🙂


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