Photoshop keeps moving the wrong layer [SOLVED]

Recently when using Photoshop 2024 to move some small rasterized calendar text with a transparent background, Photoshop kept moving the wrong layer. Specifically the layer behind the object that I wanted to move. I checked that I was on the correct layer (and I was). Finally I realized that “Auto-Select” was checked in the move tool options dialog. After unchecking that, all was well!

Short summary: if you are having difficulty getting photoshop to move the correct layer, try checking if “Auto-Select” was inadvertently turned on. If so, turn it off.

More details:

Experiencing Photoshop moving objects on the wrong layer or even an entire layer when you’re certain you selected the right layer and the right object? This common problem can disrupt your workflow, especially when dealing with detailed projects that involve multiple layers.

Identifying the Problem:
When working in Photoshop 2024, you might try to reposition a specific object like rasterized calendar text, only to find that Photoshop adjusts a different object or layer. This issue typically occurs due to the program misinterpreting your intended target, affecting the accuracy of your edits.

The Root Cause:
This unexpected behavior often results from the “Auto-Select” feature in the Move Tool options. Enabled by default, this setting causes Photoshop to select and move items based on where you click in the workspace. While useful in some contexts, it can lead to incorrect selections when not managed properly.

Step-by-Step Solution:
To ensure you’re moving the object you intend, adjust the Auto-Select settings in the Move Tool:

  1. Open the Move Tool: Click the Move icon or press ‘V’.
  2. Examine the Options Bar: With the Move Tool active, locate the “Auto-Select” checkbox in the top options bar.
  3. Adjust Auto-Select Settings: Uncheck “Auto-Select” , that way you can manually select and move objects without automatic layer or group selection.
  4. Test the Change: Move your object again to confirm the correct selection and movement.

Disabling the “Auto-Select” feature can provide more precise control over which objects you move in Photoshop, streamlining your design process and preventing errors.

If Photoshop moves objects on the wrong layer, check if the “Auto-Select” feature is turned on. Modifying this setting can prevent unintended movements, saving time and ensuring your edits are exactly as planned.

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