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Two takes on Intel’s NUC (pros/cons)

I am a big fan of Intel’s little NUCs. They are very easy to work on and their performance is entirely satisfactory for many purposes: I built one for my dad to use as an always on storage/downloading computer, and I built another as a green mini-web-server for a client. 🙂 Along those lines, here is a rather positive review detailing a NUC as HTPC setup: How we built a tiny home theater PC with Intel’s NUC | PCWorldhttp://www.pcworld.com/article/2020577/how-we-built-a-tiny-home-theater-pc-with-intels-nuc.htmlFull-featured PCs are getting

WiFi What is the correct three antenna configuration: Intel Centrino 6300 mini PCIe card?

Quoted question: […] The laptop has three antenna cables, black, white, and grey. One of them was not used on the old wireless module. The wireless seems to work with the assignment I’ve chosen, but I’ve been having some connectivity issues which are perhaps related to an improper configuration Quoted answer: […] white cable (main connector) black cable (aux connector) grey cable (middle connector for MIMO) […] via wireless networking – What is the correct antenna configuration for an Intel Centrino

Intel Ultimate-N 6300 agn driver download [SOLVED]

Q. Hi, I have a Dell laptop that I am clean installing Windows7 x64 on. Everything is going great except I cannot find drivers for my new Intel N6300 mini pci-e express wifi card ANYWHERE and it is driving me crazy! 🙁 Can you please help me find the correct drivers? 🙂 Thank you. A. Certainly, I am glad to help! Here are the latest drivers: (Intel DL listing link, or if that link is down ) More mirrors for

Best small form factor slim PC for less than $500? (late 2012)

With all the lovely ultrabooks and super-powerful phones out there today, is is surprisingly hard to find diminutive-yet-powerful PCs at a reasonable price. We’re talking at least Core i3 and preferably i5, with the capability to have 8GB+ of memory, mSATA + 2.5″ SATA storage options, dual video out (at least Intel HD4000 or faster) and a small footprint. Ideally: under $500 and easily upgradeable with industry standard parts. UPDATE: We ended up purchasing a Dell 660s from Amazon. We also put

Disable CTRL-ALT hotkey rotation on Win 7 w/Intel video

Links: Screen Rotation on INTEL graphics cardshttp://www.edugeek.net/forums/windows/4500-screen-rotation-intel-graphics-cards.htmlWindows Thread, Screen Rotation on INTEL graphics cards in Technical; I have made an MSI patch to prevent the CTRL+ALT+UP / DOWN / LEFT /RIGHT hotkey(s). It disables the intel… Disabling Screen Rotation Hotkeys – Windows 7 Forumshttp://www.sevenforums.com/graphic-cards/195664-disabling-screen-rotation-hotkeys.htmlHi, I would like to disable the hotkeys for rotating screen (ctrl+alt+arrows) but I cannot. In fact, I right clicked on desktop and from Graphic Options I chose Hot Keys and then… [end]

Duke Nukem Forever & AMD Dual Core Optimizer (on Intel!)

Recently I experienced some stuttering while playing DNF with my buddy Kevin. I tried adjusting the video settings to lower quality, yet I still experienced stutter and visual lag (not ping related). Eventually I narrowed the potential culprits to: #1 stuttering from a slow RAID1 hard drive setup that DNF/Steam was loaded on #2 AMD Dual Core Optimizer was installed by DNF/Steam even though I have an Intel CPU #3 the NVIDIA control panel being set for 3D acceleration to