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Gmail Blue, TOO advanced?

It has been unbelievably hard to use such a groundbreaking product as Gmail Blue and not be able to tell the world about it. Now that the NDA has been lifted, I can finally talk a little about Gmail Blue. Before the full review and benchmarks, which I am sure many other sites will have as well, I feel a word of warning is in order: +Sure, I love Gmail Blue. It really is light years ahead of the competition. Nobody else has that much Blue. Period. -So what

Trying out Google’s PageSpeed service

I always enjoy a good experiment and if it involves a new web service the all the better. Tonight I am testing out the Google PageSpeed service: So far the results look promising. 🙂 As of right now only a small number of visitors are getting the PageSpeed enhanced version of this site. Tomorrow will be the real test, as that will be when the required DNS changes have propagated out to all visitors. As such, if you notice anything wonky with jdhodges.com

Google AdSense Unknown Error [SOLUTION!]

If you are trying to block an advertiser URL in Google AdSense, you may encounter the following error: Unknown error occured when try to apply decision to URL: www.SomeWebsiteURL.com To fix the error, try changing the URL to all lowercase and resubmitting. 🙂 Google seems to disallow any uppercase letters, which is kind of weird since they allow uppercase URLs in their advertisements. Ohh well, it is an easy thing to work around and not that big of a deal! 🙂

New ARM dual core 3G Chromebook from Samsung & Google

While the new $249 model looks good, the $329.99 version with 100mb of free Verizon 3G (per month for 2 years) looks even better to me 🙂 Samsung Chromebook (XE303C1) | Samsung Chromebookhttp://www.samsung.com/us/computer/chrome-os-devices/XE303C12-H01USVerizon 3G WWAN included with this device for 2 years (up to 100MB per month) Fast Boot Technology allows you to boot in less than 10 seconds Weighing just under 2.5lbs and less… CPU / Processor: Samsung Exynos 5 Dual

Google Analytics and site visitor IP addresses

A buddy sent me an email today saying that he had a bunch of simultaneous visitors to his work’s website today. All the visitors were from Seattle and he wanted to know if they were legit or not. How did he know they were from Seattle? Google Analytics told him so*. I suggested that we reverse DNS their IP addresses to see what their company (or at least their ISP). He told me he didn’t know how to find their

AdSense tips and sample AdSense money making sites

I came across this woman who has some fairly good AdSense tips as well as some example sites that she has built. I am mainly posting this as a bookmark for me to come back and read more later: How to Make Money With Google Adsense – Earnings Revealedhttp://www.2createawebsite.com/money/google-adsense.htmlHere is an AdSense check I scanned from 2006. At the time, it was the largest check I had received in the three years I had been in the program. Ab Crunches