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Recommended extended battery for Galaxy Note 2 (6,200mAh)

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is a powerhouse of a phone and unlike some of its competitors (cough Apple iPhone, cough HTC One) it has a removable battery. That means users are free to install 3rd party batteries, including EXTENDED batteries! Over the past weeks I have been testing the Hyperion 6,200mAh extended battery on a U.S. Cellular SGN2. Performance/longevity have been excellent, I can leave bluetooth, GPS, wifi and cellular on all day with heavy usage (including music/movie playback and

Best Motorola Photon Extended Battery AND Case!

Here is the best extended battery I have found for the Motorola Photon: Hyperion Motorola Photon 4G 3500mAh Extended Battery & Back Cover and here is a case that actually fits pretty well when the extended battery is installed! Solid Black Silicone Skin Gel Cover Case For Motorola Photon 4G I have found my battery life to be 2-3 days with fairly heavy use, whereas before the extended battery I was lucky to get a day’s use. 🙂 The price

How to calibrate Motorola Photon extended battery

2012.07.20 UPDATE: So far the battery life with the extended battery is simply phenomenal! I recently purchased a Hyperion extended battery for my Motorola Photon (about $18 on Amazon). Mugen is another popular brand of extended batteries, however, they seem to be $60+. So for now I am pleased to try out this lower cost battery and see how it performs After switching to an extended battery it seems that the Photon will report that the battery is running down fairly quickly