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Upgrade Acer Aspire One AO722 memory/RAM

UPDATE: Many readers have asked what memory I recommend for upgrading the A0722. My recommendation is 4GB of 1066MHz DDR3 Kingston memory because it offers a lifetime warranty, solid performance AND it is only about $22 with free shipping! 🙂 Another great way to improve performance is to replace the AO722’s slow hard drive with a SSD. The Crucial M4 128GB (which includes a data transfer kit) or the Kingston HyperX 3K 120GB (drive only) are my top two choices. They both offer 3 year warranties along with

Better two-finger scrolling for Windows! (like 2011 MacBooks and MacBook Air)

On Windows, missing the MacBook’s nice two finger scrolling… After returning a MacBook Air 11.6″ to Apple, I was surprised that I only really missed the very nice two finger scrolling. Some of the other Apple multitouch gestures were nice, but it was the really the smooth two finger scrolling on that nice trackpad that was so VERY handy and I missed the convenience! My Dell laptops have multitouch capable touchpads that support two finger scrolling. Unfortunately by default they

Bought & Sold: Acer D250 Netbook, 750GB HDD, 2GB RAM, USB DVD, Broadcom HD decoder

Second entry in the Bought & Sold series Here is where I list items that I purchased and then sold at a later date. Simple enough huh? Here we go… [begin] Acer D250 Netbook, w/BONUS features: 750GB hard drive & 2GB RAM, USB DVD drive + Broadcom HD decoder for 1080p movie playback! This auction is for an Acer D250-1165 Blue Netbook Computer. Reason for selling: I bought this netbook on vacation and used it for watching HD movies and surfing