Mirrorless + extra lenses camera bag roundup

Q. Any recommendations on camera bag that can fit a micro 4/3rds camera + an extra lens (20mm + 60mm macro or 14-45mm)? – mtekkmonkey @jdhodges any recommendations on camera bag that can fit a micro 4/3rds camera + an extra lens (20mm + 60mm macro or 14-45mm)? — John Havlik (@mtekkmonkey) July 16, 2013 A. Definitely John, that is some great camera gear that you have! Thankfully it is all uber-small stuff so you have some great bag options

High speed internet when visiting KC & cozy in Springfield MO

Two interesting Airbnb listings: High speed internet (Google Fiber) in Kansas City MO Google Fiber Hacker House Room in Kansas Cityhttps://www.airbnb.com/rooms/841162Perfect opportunity to visit Kansas City and test out your latest app, startup idea or consumer hardware on a gigabit fiber-optic network. We now have a total of 18 ethernet jacks positioned in 7… Cozy accommodations in Springfield MO Cozy Camp Cottage in Springfield MOhttps://www.airbnb.com/rooms/741370Small comfortable cottage guest house in the gardens of the main victorian home in the heart

Hotel Booking System help links

  Language translations How translate to spanish language?http://www.phpjabbers.com/ask4036-how-translate-to-spanish-language.htmlLanguage file is located in app/locale/ folder Changing the wording of titles Changing the wordinghttp://www.phpjabbers.com/ask3351-changing-the-wording.htmlThere is external language file where all titles can be changed include/config/en.php Example of script integrated at actual hotels Coralhttps://coraldoha.com/booking.phpHome Rooms & Suites Dining & Catering Meetings & Events Leisure & Fitness Facilities Reservations Photo Gallery Latest News & Updates Contact Us Google Map Check Our Latest Promotions ©… Welcome to the Bell at Alderminster bar, country pub, drinking

Bluetooth Keyboard Reviews: Logitech, Amazon, Anker (for iPad and Android)

I am in the middle of evaluating three new bluetooth keyboards: Logitech Tablet Keyboard for iPad, AmazonBasics Bluetooth Keyboard, and the Anker Ultra Slim Mini Bluetooth 3.0 Wireless Keyboard. The initial review will focus on using the keyboards with an iPad. A followup review will focus on Android. Conclusions to follow shortly, but here are photos to get things started 🙂 Initial packaging: Side views: Side-by-side Compared to an oldschool keyboard Amazon.com purchase links with free shipping Logitech Tablet Keyboard for iPad, iPad

Free Huggies Rewards Codes Giveaway 2013

Here is an unused Huggies Enjoy the Ride rewards code: NSLFC-LTWZJ-TJPWP I will periodically post new Huggies reward coupon codes so if you miss out redeeming this one you can bookmark this page, subscribe to my RSS feed, or follow me on twitter. Thanks! 🙂 HUGGIES Rewards Cataloghttp://www.huggies.com/en-us/rewards/catalogWhen it comes to rewards, everybody’s different. Some people like to spend their Rewards Points on something fun as soon as they have them — others save up for something special. From HUGGIES®…

MP3 Music on Google Drive

While Google Play’s music service allows for 20,000 songs to be uploaded, their Google Drive service can potentially allow for much more. 1TB = 1048576MB / 6MB per song = 174,762 songs. I use the 1TB amount as an example because anyone that purchases a Google Chromebook Pixel is going to have that amount of storage space for 3 years. Likewise, even lower-end Chromebooks get  100GB in Google Drive Space = 102,400MB / 3MB = 34,133 songs if you are willing to