Moving heavy objects

This is just a short post because Samantha and I are getting ready to leave for a wedding in KC. Back to the subject of this post. Within a couple weeks we’re headed to Tulsa to pickup a Bridgeport milling machine. It should weigh about a ton. I want to post some pictures and descriptions of the moving process, as well as some helpful links to instructions other people have posted on the web… Other heavy things we’ve recently moved:

Sony VAIO Z Series Notebook Model Numbers

The Sony VAIO Z series laptop is one of the best laptops ever made: absolutely gorgeous screen (one of the best laptop screens I’ve ever seen) LED based backlight excellent color gamut bright and saturated like a glossy screen but NON-REFLECTIVE like a matte screen!!! durable screen (with a protective coating) decent resolution options lightweight powerful (dual core, 2GHz+) plenty of storage (can support dual SSDs, HD, or potentially a combination) upgradeable (memory, CPU, storage, [but you void the warranty

Access XP share without password, from Vista

Question: Tonight I was trying to access, via Vista, a folder that was shared from a Windows XP Pro machine. I kept getting a username/password prompt, but there isn’t a password set on any of users! How can I access the folder? Answer: by default Windows XP Professional won’t allow network users shared folder access without a password. So here’s how to allow network access using a blank password: First, on the XP computer that is sharing the folder make

Outstanding Week

Good work and good play This has been an outstanding week. One of my favorite weeks in a long time. Much of that is due to Samantha. She has been here working and playing alongside me. We’ve been accomplishing a lot and having a grand ol’ time doing it. Warning, there are a LOT of photos in the rest of this post!

My tuxedo dimension

I am saving this online  for personal reference, in case I need a tux again or want to compare measurements in the future. This is as of 2009.Sep.22. I got measured for Kevin and Shannon’s wedding. Height: 5′ 11″ Weight: 157 Neck: 14.5″ Chest: 39 Overarm: 47.5″ Sleeve: 34″ Waist: 33″ (wears 32″) Outseam: 41.5″

SOLUTION to Dreamweaver problem: The document you selected is very large and would take too long to import

Question. I’m trying to paste a large Word document (or even copied web pages out of Firefox) into Dreamweaver and I get the following error: “The document you selected is very large and would take too long to import. We recommend you use Copy and Paste to insert parts of the document into multiple web pages.” Answer. Edit the Dreamweaver file InsertOfficeDoc.js to adjust the file size threshold upwards. After editing that file and restarting Dreamweaver, you should be able

Weekend home alone

Samantha is visiting family in Bolivar this weekend. That leaves me home alone and up to my own devices. Friday was mainly computer work. Today was mainly remodeling work. Sunday will be some finishing work and clean up; I also need to do some enhancements that John requested for his site. That will complete the weekend :-). Then I’ll be looking forward to Samantha getting home. We don’t have too much pre-planned for the week. However, we always seem to

Choosing a system: Nikon D90 vs. Olympus E-620

The ever-wonderful Jes is in the market for a new DSLR! She sold her entry level Canon DSLR and is ready to move up to the heavy-hitting power of a Nikon D90 (or similar). So Many Choices! Anytime a friend is considering a new camera purchase, it always gets me thinking about the different DSLR systems. Here is are just a few: Canon (full frame, non-full frame), Nikon (FX, DX), Sony (full frame, non-full frame), Olympus (four thirds, micro four

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