HughesNet Download Bank

We have HughesNet satellite internet and the ‘download bank’ has been a feature since we signed up last month. Apparently HughesNet is doing a wider rollout  now, as this is the email I received from them today:

Dear HughesNet Member,

We’re rolling out a brand-new feature—the Download Bank―enabling you to save any unused portion of your Download Allowance. As part of a system-wide network of upgrades that started last summer, this latest enhancement lets you do more online.

What is the Download Bank?
Think of it as a bank that holds your Download Allowance—the capacity available to you during a 24-hour period. Now you can “bank”—or carry over―your daily Download Allowance up to 2x the capacity (that’s up to 1700 MB, depending on your plan). With your bank filled, you have the flexibility to download a little, or a lot, any time you want―it’s completely up to you!

More freedom. Less worry.
Let’s say you have been out of town for a day. The Download Bank lets you capture the Download Allowances you didn’t use. So if you want to stream a video, but you’re concerned you might use more than your daily allowance—no problem! You can dip into your “savings” at the Download Bank. (Of course, you can also schedule large downloads using the HughesNet Download Manager―or you can use a Restore Token―the FREE one you receive each month―to keep your online experience up to speed.) 

And the best part?
You don’t have to do a thing to take advantage of this new feature. Your Download Bank will automatically start!

This brand-new feature is another in our ongoing efforts to enhance your online experience―and help your business thrive. Enjoy!

Your HughesNet Customer Care Team

P.S. Want to easily keep track of how much you’re downloading? 
If you haven’t already done so, we encourage you to download the HughesNet Status Meter. It gives you an instant snapshot of how much download capacity is available. And remember—the HughesNet Download Manager and FREE monthly Restore Token can help keep your online experience up to speed.

Overall we have been very pleased with HughesNet*.

*this is with a largish .98m dis,  a 2watt HN9000 modem, and a great mounting location…

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