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Differences between the EX and LX Honda Elements

I’ve always wondered about the differences between the “EX” and “LX” Honda Element. Today I finally took the time to look it up. The EX is the more feature packed model, but the LX has some advantages too (if you prefer steel wheels over alloy wheels). Here’s a brief rundown* Audio: LX has no iPod/mp3 port, EX does Wheels: LX has steel rims, EX has alloy rims Speakers: LX has 4 speaker radio. EX has 6 + 1 speaker (the

Our Honda Element gets a makeover

Today our Honda Element got cleaned, detailed, and new tired. Tomorrow it gets full-serviced. It is looking nicely new, I feel like we have a new car :-). While all this was going on it gave me a chance to do some walking in Springfield, to and from various appointements. Then in the evening my mom met up with Samantha and me to have some tasty Pizza Hut on Sunshine Street.