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JPEG compression and JPEG quality in WordPress

While working on part of theĀ Branson’s Nantucket website I needed to find a way to reduce page load times. Of course there are many ways to do this but one thing that immediately stood out was JPEG file size. Some JPEGs were 400kb+ and there were a number of them to be loaded on one page. That may be fine for people with super-fast internet connections, but alas many people (myself included) sometime make due with relatively slow connections. What

Custom menus CSS in WordPress

While working on a project I needed to use a particular CSS class for a particular WordPress menu item, thankfully the following resources told me how. The first link was the most helpful, but all of them have some insights into menus on WordPress. šŸ™‚ How to Add a Custom Class to a WordPress Menu Item – SevenSpark is a question I get a lot related to UberMenu ā€“ WordPress Mega Menu Plugin, though itā€™s actually baked into WordPress Core.

Redirect a particular WordPress Page to another site URL?

Question. Does any one know how to redirect any WordPress Page to a particular other website? Pretty urgent, please help if you can. Thx Laurie Answer. Yes, there are some great plugins that can do exactly what you are requesting!Ā Here are my top three choices: #1 Quick Page/Post Redirect Plugin Ā« WordPress Plugins Pages/Posts to another page/post or external URL. Has edit box as well as global options. Specify the redirect Location and type. For PHP5+ Download Version 5.0.2 #2

Google Page Speed Service (speed up your website with Google)

I came across Google’sĀ Page Speed ServiceĀ today, here is the description of their service: Page Speed Service is an online service to automatically speed up loading of your web pages. Page Speed Service fetches content from your servers, rewrites your pages by applying web performance best practices and serves them to end users via Google’s servers across the globe.Ā  […] You canĀ run testsĀ to measure the speed up of your site in a few minutes. Page Speed Service is currently offered free

Good ‘about’ pages on tech sites

While working on adding rich snippet author info to I needed to wanted to write an improved about page. So I checked out a variety of ‘about’ pages on tech sites to get some ideas on formatting/style etc. Here are a few that I thought were either particularly well done, or that had something unique about them: About – NetbookLive.com is a website dedicated to mini laptops and portable computers you can easily carry around on your voyages.

Rich snippets in Google and WordPress using GD Star Rating

[this post needs to be reformatted and elaborated on, but for now here are the links that helped me get both AUTHOR and RATING rich snippets working on my blog :-)] VERY nice info on configuring GD Star Rating Good general overview of the task at hand and all the related info How to test to see if your rich snippets are formatted correctly and visible to Google

Akismet Privacy Policies Plugin for WordPress

Q. Thank you for the recommendation to install Akismet on my blog. It has worked to preventĀ spam on my blog. I also saw there is an Akismet privacy policy plugin? -P A. Glad you are enjoying the anti-spam plugin!Ā As for the privacy policy plugin, I had actually never heard of it before you emailed. After some research it appears to generally be geared toward bloggers in Germany, as apparently Akismet (probably due to the way it tests comment content