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Multi-download login from rapidshare, filesonic, megaupload etc. review

You have probably encountered the slow speeds and cumbersome login steps required if you ever use sites like rapidshare, filesonic, megaupload etc. to upload or download files. To bypass all those hurdles one option is buy premium memberships at each of those sites. However, this can be very expensive if you buy a membership at every site! A relatively new phenomenon in this area is the multi-site “one stop” premium subscription service. There is not a definitive name yet for this category

How to disconnect Amazon from Facebook [solved]

Recently I tried to send an Amazon Kindle gift card to a friend via Facebook. I did this because I did not have their current email address. To send it via Facebook I was required to “connect” my Amazon account with my Facebook account. After I did so, the gift card failed to send and so I subsequently wanted to disconnect my Amazon account from my Facebook account (and I just printed the gift card and gave it to my friend in

What is the latest Kindle firmware version? [answer] for all generations

Q. Hiya. I see on my Kindle “Settings->Device Info” screen that my Kindle has “Software Version” Kindle 2.5.5 Is there a later firmware version for my Kindle?! Thx in advance. A. Yes! There are later firmware versions available.  The LATEST version depends on which Kindle you have. Judging from the info you provided, you have either a 2nd gen Kindle or a Kindle DX so version 2.5.8 is the latest version for your devices. Also here is the latest firmware

Info on the dreaded “not charging” iPad and iPad 2 screen + solutions

Simple tips for charging the iPad via USB | Digiupdates we found in all of our test is that although the iPad might say “not charging€ on the display, in reality, juice is still trickling to it and the iPad is in actuality still charging; albeit at a slower rate. No wonder: The iPad is designed to charge from the 10-watt wall adapter it comes bundled with, but many USB ports supply only 2.5 watts (5 volts at 500ma). As

Small always on green RAID system for NAS

Our family is looking to upgrade our “always on” network storage. Criteria include: energy efficiency, data protection, unobtrusive design, cost. Here is our past and future setup… Currently we use a Linksys NSLU2 with a 16GB USB flash drive. Pros: +super-low power usage (nice since we live off the grid) +compact size +simplicity +SSD (flash drive) for reliability +silent +cheap Cons: +SLOW Planned upgrade: Thecus N4100 Pro (2) 750GB 2.5″ 7200RPM SATA laptop hard drives Upgrade to 1GB RAM (supposed to

i5-470UM vs i3-380UM, differences? [SOLVED]

Question. Hello. I am looking at a new Dell Vostro V130. I see that they are now shipping with either of the following two Intel® Core™ Series Processors: i3-380UM (3M Cache,1.33GHz,800 MHz FSB) -or- i5-470UM (3M Cache, 1.33GHz, 800 MHz FSB) They are both already ULV (ultra low voltage) processors, so what is the difference?! Answer. Great question! Basically, the i5-470UM has turboboost enabled while the i3 does not. This means that the i5 CPU can dynamically overclock one of

How do I cancel Boost auto-boost?! [solved]

Question. How do I cancel my Boost mobile “Auto-boost”, I want to go back to just manually re-boosting (recharging, topping up, etc.) my phone! So far, all I can find is this: To cancel out of Auto Re-BoostSM you must actively unsubscribe by calling Boost™ Customer Care at 1-866-402-7366 and they will help you out and get you unenrolled. In this day and age, isn’t there a way to do this online?! Answer.Yes, you likely can cancel auto re-boost online

Vector images in the iPhone SDK

I’m interested in using vector images for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch apps. As Apple keeps adding different screen sizes and form factors, scalable vector images would seem to be the way to go (rather than bitmaps that don’t scale well). With vector images, it wouldn’t matter what the resolution of the device’s screen was, the images would scale to whatever was needed. Here are some misc links and info related to vector graphics in the Apple iPhone SDK: Apple iPhone Tech Talk