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Speeding tickets, license points and insurance rates

I recently received a speeding ticket from the local friendly highway patrol 🙁 Here are some links that may be useful if you are in a similar situation: Can a lawyer beat your traffic ticket?–1.aspxFor less than the cost of a business lunch, a traffic attorney will take your speeding ticket to court on your behalf. We’re not talking about having your family attorney go to traffic court for you… What You Should Know about Plea Bargains in Criminal and

Shipping something large via USPS/eBay

Q. I need to ship a monitor that I sold on eBay. It is pretty big and I am shipping it via USPS, any recommendations on what exact method to use? (media mail? parcel? first class? priority? flat rate?) -Grace S. Laurio A. Priority mail or parcel select are probably going to be your best bet. Here is why: –Media mail is limited to ‘media’ as as such it is not appropriate for computer hardware. Specifically, media mail is for books and recorded

Chase Quick Deposit outside the USA

Some good news from Chase: It is nice that they are listening to their customers! 🙂 From: Chase Online Subject: You’ll still be able to use Chase QuickDeposit (SM) on your mobile phone outside the U.S. We recently told you that we were making some changes to the mobile version of Chase QuickDepositSM that would result in customers not being able to deposit paper checks from outside the United States and its territories. After hearing from customers, we reconsidered. So,

Get Chase 1099 tax documents online in PDF format

Need to quickly get your 1099-INT from Chase? Don’t worry, it is easy! 🙂 Here are the steps: #1 Login to you Chase account #2 Select the ‘Customer Center’ link at the top of the page #3 Click the ‘Order 1099’ link: #4 Voila, you can now download your 1099 tax documents with the greatest of ease: Summary Easy huh? 🙂 I give Chase 5/5 stars for this very handy feature. This is also a very nice change from other

What is this? External token bounce back credit offer [solved]

Recently Amazon has started posting notices like this one on some of its product listing: External token bounce back credit offer What exactly is that?! Well clicking the link did not show me any special offers so I decided to try it in a different web browser. That did the trick, the offer was for: “Take $30 Off: Upon approval for the Rewards Visa Card, a $30 gift card will be loaded instantly into your Amazon account Learn More.”

Google AdSense Unknown Error [SOLUTION!]

If you are trying to block an advertiser URL in Google AdSense, you may encounter the following error: Unknown error occured when try to apply decision to URL: To fix the error, try changing the URL to all lowercase and resubmitting. 🙂 Google seems to disallow any uppercase letters, which is kind of weird since they allow uppercase URLs in their advertisements. Ohh well, it is an easy thing to work around and not that big of a deal! 🙂

Find Chase check routing number online at

I recently had an issue with an incorrect routing number while setting up an online EBT for a Chase checking account. Apparently it was due to some checks having the incorrect routing number, so I needed to find a definitively good routing number for one of my checking accounts.  Here is the pertinent info: Complete account numbers for checking and savings accounts can be found in three places: Your statements Your checks Your deposit slips   Statements Your account number is typically shown