Weekend Wrapup

The weekend is almost over, where did it go?

This weekend was pretty laid back compared to the past few weekends. Two weekends ago we were in Tulsa for a whirlwind business/pleasure trip. Last weekend I spent the entirety of it doing surprise projects for Samantha (self-installing DirecTV and replacing two windows).

So this Friday we went to West Plains for some grub and supplies but I ended up striking out on most of the things I was looking for. It was a fun outing nonetheless, we got to explore some of the areas around HWY 160 and go to some places we don’t usually go.

Computer Upgrades and the Rest of the Weekend

Saturday I installed a 30GB SSD in my netbook and upgraded the OS. Sunday we installed an 80GB Intel SSD in Samantha’s laptop and upgraded the OS. I did a fair amount of work in the mornings, but most of the afternoons/evenings were relatively free for other fun tasks. Samantha also started working on setting up a project on her loom, I’m excited to get to see her in action! (weaving)

Rambling paragraphs coming up (that needs to be proofread and revised ;-))

I started reading a new book that my dad recommended. So far it is an excellent read, but it really makes me question the sanity of the big financial institutions (companies). These companies created some the new financial instruments that were catalysts for the recession. The way they used these instruments was amazingly reckless. It ended up tainting and entangling economies all over the world.

I’m only about 1/3 of the way through the book, but so far I am astounded that these companies (and banks worldwide) were able to cause all the damage that they did and not even receive a slap on the wrist (but rather a fistful of money in the form of bailouts and payouts).

It really seems a recurring rend that some of the most damaging deeds in human history were done by a select few that weren’t really supervised (or even understood) by their overseers and there existence isn’t even on the radar of the main population. The actions were either too complex, too hidden, or too convoluted for them to be prevented. Capitalism is an excellent system, but it requires transparency and valid information. If those last two aspects are missing, it can really be abused IMHO.
End Rambling.

The house is in really nice shape (clean and organized) so the next big household projects will be: putting on a new roof (getting the materials from a local place in Willow Springs) and converting my office into a baby room :-).

Well, just before writing this I grated some sweet potatoes and now Samantha is making sweet potato hash browns. We’re taking it with us over to my parents house as a side dish, I think my mom is making homemade pot pies. We better head out!

PS one of our friends re-started blogging, I’m excited to see what she posts!


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