A cleaner living room and hardwood flooring

Samantha and I cleaned out our living room today. For months the living room has been the epicenter of our remodeling project. Tools, supplies and stored furniture took up the majority of the space. Today we finally cleared out that stuff and started converting it back to a living area.

The impetus for the cleaning was the upcoming visit from the floor man. Quality Flooring is paying us a visit Thursday to do the measurement for our new floor. It is nice to have a little extra “kick” to get you motivated, our kick was the knowledge that #1 an outsider would be viewing our living room and #2 we want it to be as easy for him to measure and check stuff out as possible.

I am a very happy man tonight as I sit in the recliner, warmed by the wood stove, and write about our living room that is coming together splendidly. My hat is off to my wonderful wife, whose motivation and perseverance are why this project is turning out so great :-). I love you honey!

For those of you that know me really well, you may be wondering why I am having someone put in our new floor instead of doing it myself. There are a number of reasons we went with this company:

  1. a local (West Plains) flooring company
  2. knowledgeable and friendly
  3. they had a superb collection of flooring
  4. seem capable of doing as good or better job than I could
  5. they will be much faster than me

Also, I will be putting the flooring in on my office because I like do things myself in order to gain the knowledge and experience.

This seems like the best of both worlds: have the pros do the living room and then later I can do the office flooring myself :-).

UPDATE: photos showing the before (with carpet removed) and the after (with new flooring!!!)


  • I think you need to revise your list of reasons we’re having the floor installed professionally. #1) Samantha begged for it to be done professionally because she wants the floor asap! Also, I’m so glad we’re almost done with this room!

  • Gabe

    Hi JD! Great to hear some things you’ve been up to, it sounds like you guys are doing great! Let me know what you are doing these days and keep in touch buddy!


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