Can you charge a Goal Zero Yeti battery using (2) chargers?! [ANSWERED]

Q. Can you charge a Goal Zero Yeti Lithium Ion battery with two chargers at once?

A. Yes, you can utilize two chargers at once to charge the Yeti 3000Yeti 1400, and Yeti 1000 lithium-ion batteries. Please see the photo below:


Goal Zero Yeti 1400 with Dual Chargers

Further explanation:

By utilizing the front charger port and the compartment charging port, you can double the number of charging watts/amps. With two chargers you can charge at around 105 watts or more. With a single charger, the max is generally around 50-60 watts. Therefore, instead of it taking the Yeti 1400 around 25 hours to charge, you can get it done in 13 hours or less. 🙂


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