Subtitles in VLC on Android TV [SOLVED]

Until today, I have always had trouble with .SRT subtitles when watching videos on my Android TV device (the awesome NVIDIA Shield TV). The subtitle option was always greyed out and there was no way to load subtitles (even if they had the same filenames etc.) 🙁

The issue appears to be related to watching videos over SAMBA and launching VLC via an app like ES File Explorer. In those instance VLC will not be able to locate the subtitles…. Thankfully, there is a very simple workaround:

  1. Launch VLC
  2. Navigate to your SAMBA share within the VLC app
  3. Load the movie directly with VLC

You should be able to enable* and view subtitles now 🙂

*On the Shield TV you can press the “A” (down) button to access playback options then navigate left (“X” button) to access the subtitle selections.



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